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 This section is dedicated to the first generation of 6502-based microcomputers and trainers, such as the MOS KIM-1 and Rockwell AIM-65. Modern trainers and simple computers built in the same spirit can also be found here.

**  Acorn Microcomputer (Acorn System 1)

  • Mike Cowlishaw's Acorn Pages - These pages contain history, firmware, documentation, and many excellent pictures of a lesser-known European 6502 kit computer.

**  MOS Technology KIM-1

  • What is the KIM-1? - The answer to this question can be found in this technical document from Ruud Baltissen.
  • Build Your Own KIM-1 - After you know what a KIM-1 is, Ruud shows you how to make your own modern KIM-1 replica, complete with schematics and source code.
  • Erik's KIM-1 Page - Erik Van den Broeck's page offers excellent HTML versions of all of the original KIM-1 manuals for reading online. The (almost) entire text of the First Book of KIM and MICROCHESS by Peter Jennings are also available here.
  • Rich's Classic Computing Entry Page - Rich Cini has the KIM-1 schematics, Hardware Manual, User's Guide, Hints Guide, User's Notes, and Monitor ROM source code online. His documents page also includes scans of many Rockwell AIM-65 documents.
  • KIMATH - MOS Technology developed this high-quality floating point math package for the KIM-1. Charles R. Bond has provided it, complete with documentation, on this page.
  • MATHPAC - Paul R. Santa-Maria submitted MATHPAC, an extension to KIMATH. This ZIP file contains the original article in PDF and a plain text version.
  • KIM-1 Enthusiasts Page - Vern Graner has put together this resource for KIM-1 users with documents, programs, and a photo gallery.
  • KIMplement - Cameron Kaiser has written a KIM-1 emulator that runs on the Commodore 64.
  • vKIM ("Virtual KIM") - Eugene Dorr has written a KIM-1 emulator for the Palm. It is complete enough to run many programs from "The First Book of KIM" and its source code is available under the GNU Public License.

**  Synertek SYM-1

  • The Synertek SYM-1 Resources section contains manuals and binaries for the SYM-1, including its monitor, RAE, the BASIC interpreter, and more.

**  Tangerine Microtan 65

  • The Microtan65 Page - Fabrice Frances has a site dedicated to the Tanbert Microtan65, a lesser-known early 6502 computer. Fabrice also hosts Oric World.
  • Geoff's Microtan65 Page - Geoff Macdonald has a Microtan65 page with an emulator, Microtan software, and magazine articles.
  • David's Microtan65 Emulator [] - David Brown once offered an impressive emulator for Windows that came bundled with several Microtan programs.