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PET index

This file is intended to be an index about the PET line of Commodore computers. It is compiled out of several resources found on the internet. As there are a number of sites about the Commodore PET computers, this site concentrates on the technical aspects of those machines. Therefore you will find hardware and (machine) programming information for the PET here.

I started this collection when I was working on the VICE PET emulator. The VICE emulator now emulates several PET machines from the 2001 to the 8296, including the old disk drives from 2040 to 8250.

I think all the information is accurate, although it is certainly not complete. Also I would like to find some images of the different PET cases. I am also looking for the differences of the ROM versions. If you find anything that you think is not accurate, please tell me about it!

I hope you enjoy this document.
A. Fachat (

    2014-08-22 Added some links.
    2014-08-11 Add some bits here and there, mainly some repair info, as well as DOS ROM information.
    2013-12-30 Added the ZoomFloppy and the Internet Flyer Modem to the transfer page.
    2013-12-27 Added link to Z-RAM and PEDISK-II to the Extensions page. Also added the link to the SuperPET OS/9 project on the Hardware Projects page, and some links on the SuperPET page.

Coverage is the whole line of Commodore PET computers, ranging from the PET 2001 to the CBM 8296, as well as the SuperPET (aka MicroMainFrame 9000 in Europe). Not covered are the so-called "CBM-II" machines, the business machines CBM 610-620, 710-720 (also known as B128 and B256) and the 510-520 (also known as P500)

Many thanks to Olaf Seibert, Larry Anderson, Marko Mäkelä, Ruud Baltissen and all the others that provided this information.

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Last modified: 2014-08-22

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    2013-05-02 Added the Colour PET project description.
    2013-04-14 Added a RAM drive for the 8296 to the Hardware page, more on french internationalized machines on the new Internationalization page. Added a link to the 60Hz version of the "No PETs allowed" Demo.
    2011-05-01 Added some extensions to the PETindex hardware projects page, especially one that can dynamically replace the character ROM!
    2011-04-23 Added a page for the 8032-SK model and started a programming languages page.
    2010-12-19 Added a demo section and a first link to the "No PETs allowed" demo on the Sofware page.
    2010-08-28 Added links to a history of MS BASIC, and a discussion of Bill Gates' programming knowledge on the ROMs page.
    2010-08-28 Added pictures of Japanese and a German keyboards on the keyboards page.